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Rivendell Bees - Bee Rescue Inverted Sugar Solution - 10ml

Rivendell Bees - Bee Rescue Inverted Sugar Solution - 10ml

In addition to our Bee Rescue Gift Set, we also have available these little plastic dropper bottles containing 10ml of “Invertbee” high density syrup.

Beekeepers use it as a Spring stimulant, as a supplement when forage is scarce and as a Winter feed.

It’s also a great way to provide an boost for tired bees who have run out of energy whilst away from their hive.

If you find a bee on tve ground, leave it for around 30 minute, as bees do need to take a rest!

If the bee is likely to be trodden on, carefully move it onto a nearby flower or foliage.

If the bee is still motionless after a period of time, it probably needs an energy boost.

Just a drop near the exhausted bee will give them the strength to get air borne again, and homeward bound.

Not for human consumption. Keep away from children.

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