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Beeswax Church Candle - Large

Beeswax Church Candle - Large

A beautiful handmade plain church beeswax candle made from beeswax harvested from our hives.

Gives a clean and warm glow when lit.

Each candle is hand polished with Indian silk to give a golden sheen.

10 cm height x 5 cm diameter. Burn time 14+ hours. Cotton square braided wick.

We make all our candles and can therefore guarantee exactly what goes into each one - pure beeswax - no soy, paraffin, palm or vegetable wax. We don’t even add fragrances or essential oils to our candles, leaving them with a distinctive yet very subtle natural scent.

Each batch varies in colour slightly according to which plants the bees have visited. Our candles go from a light, sunny yellow, to a deep golden shade, all adding to their charm, and reflecting the changing seasons.

Due to the nature of beeswax, sometimes small flecks of hive debris passes through the filter, and since each candle is handmade, there will be differences between individual


Accessories not included.

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