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Rivendell Bees - Borage Honey

Rivendell Bees - Borage Honey

Borage honey is a favourite here at Rivendell Bees!

Also known as starflower, borage is renowned for its light and delicate flavour - a favourite among honey connoisseurs.

The bees collect this honey at the height of the summer, and you can almost taste the sunshine.

This is a delightful honey - sweet yet light, with gentle undertones of oranges and lemons. Perfect on the breakfast table to get your day started.

Ideal for marinades and cooking, and anywhere that a light gentle flavour is required. Adds a wonderful colour, fragrance and sweetness to a cheeseboard.

Great for adding a spoonful to tea and coffee.

224g jar.

All pure honey will eventually crystallise or set during storage. If this should occur, just warm gently to return it to its liquid state, as instructed on the jar label.

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