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Rivendell Bees - Blossom Honey

Rivendell Bees - Blossom Honey

Rivendell Bees honey - straight from our hives to your table - 100% pure honey.


We house our hives in the Daventry area, and our bees forage for nectar and pollen within 3 miles of their colony, so local means local!


Our summer months are spent working with the bees - inspecting, nurturing and finally extracting the bees’ honey by hand - we like to keep it simple and pure.


We only take a small amount of honey from strong colonies, leaving most of it for the bees to feed on during the winter months.We spin the gorgeous golden liquid straight from the comb, whilst it is still warm; gently filter it through a coarse stainless steel sieve; let it settle overnight and then jar it up - ready for you.


Our simple, focused and time dedicated approach to extracting honey means that none of the goodness is lost, and this simple process means there is little damage to our bees, comb or honey.


Each jar has a depth of flavour unique to each colony of bees - nothing is added - it’s purely nectar from flowers and trees that the bees find and forage on from surrounding farmland, countryside, gardens and allotments, with some pollen added for good measure.


Rivendell Bees honey - truly 100% pure artisan honey.


Available in 454g, 340g and 227g jars.

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